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Expand Your UK Business with Fidelity Fulfilment's Netherlands Hub

Are you a UK-based ecommerce business, looking to expand into the European market?

Look no further, with Fidelity Fulfilment's Netherlands-based hub. With our strategic location and comprehensive fulfilment services, we can help you streamline your operations and accelerate your expansion into Europe.


Expanding your business into the EU means tapping into the benefits of the Single Market. By fulfilling your orders from our Netherlands-based centre, you can take advantage of streamlined logistics, reduced trade barriers, and access to a unified regulatory framework that facilitates cross-border commerce. Plus, with the recent changes in VAT rules and the introduction of measures like the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS), we ensure compliance and simplify the declaration and payment of VAT for distance sales of low-value goods imported into the EU. 


Why the Netherlands?

With its central location in Europe and excellent connectivity, the Netherlands is strategically positioned to serve as a distribution hub for ecommerce businesses expanding into the EU. With quick access to overnight transport networks, the largest seaport in Europe (Rotterdam), and two major airports – Eindhoven Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – we ensure fast and effective delivery of your products to customers across the continent. Plus, with advanced railways and highways, we're never more than a few hours away from any corner of the country, providing unparalleled logistics support for Dutch retailers.

Infrastructure: The Netherlands boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, including advanced transportation networks, modern fulfilment centers, and efficient customs procedures. These infrastructure investments ensure smooth and streamlined operations for businesses, enabling them to fulfil orders quickly and effectively.

Business-Friendly Environment: Known for its low-regulation economy and commitment to international trade, the Netherlands provides a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. From favourable tax policies to supportive government initiatives, the country offers a welcoming ecosystem for e-commerce businesses seeking to establish their presence in the EU market.

Access to Markets: With high levels of internet and mobile commerce penetration, the Netherlands offers access to a vibrant consumer market within the EU. Additionally, the country's extensive network of airports, railways, and highways ensures efficient distribution and quick access to major European markets, allowing businesses to reach customers across the continent with ease.

E-commerce Innovation: The Netherlands has emerged as a hub for e-commerce innovation, attracting tech startups and innovative businesses seeking to leverage its advanced infrastructure and digital capabilities. By establishing a presence in the Netherlands, ecommerce businesses can tap into the country's innovative ecosystem and drive growth through innovation and technology.


Post-Brexit Selling: Key Terms Explained

Expanding your business into Europe comes with its own set of challenges, including VAT and import regulations. And with the changes in UK - EU selling since 2021, it's important to partner with a knowledgeable fulfilment company who can help you navigate EU regulations. At Fidelity Fulfilment, we're well-versed in the intricacies of EU VAT requirements and import processes. Whether you're a Dutch registered company, a business within the EU, or a customer outside the EU, our team can guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance and seamless operations.

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The OSS (One-Stop-Shop)

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) is a VAT scheme designed for selling goods from one EU member state, for delivery to customers in another EU member state. One EU registration covers all EU Member States.

The IOSS (Import One-Stop-Shop)

If you are distance selling goods valued under 150 EUR into the EU, the IOSS affects you. This new import VAT scheme, called the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS), is designed to simplify the import of lower value goods for sellers outside of the UK. 

EORI number

If you’re moving goods between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or the Isle of Man, and any other country (including the EU, Ireland, or Channel Islands), you are required to register for an EORI (Economic Operator Registration Identification) number. Without a valid GB or EU EORI number (UK EORI numbers start with ‘GB’, Dutch ones start with ‘NL’), your goods will not clear customs.


In the Netherlands, appointing a fiscal representative is an option for businesses looking to import goods into the EU. If you're looking to store your goods within the Netherlands, a representative can help you find the best VAT solutions, and manage your VAT requirements with ease.

At Fidelity, we partner with VAT and trade experts to help simplify the process for UK-based businesses looking to fulfil their goods from within the EU.



Why Partner With Fidelity Fulfilment


Choosing the right fulfilment partner for your EU expansion can seem a daunting task. But with our experience and support, we're the ideal solution for growing your business internationally.

  1. State of the art EU Fulfilment: Located in the Netherlands, our EU hub covers all your fulfilment needs. From precise product storage to accurate pick, pack, and dispatch, we offer flexible fulfilment solutions aligned with your brand. Our dedicated team also provides additional services – such as printing and custom packaging – to support your brand’s unique identity.

  2. Comprehensive Support: At Fidelity Fulfilment, we go beyond traditional fulfilment services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of cross-border trade. Whether you're new to international e-commerce or an experienced seller, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

  3. Advanced Technology: Our proprietary software seamlessly integrates with leading sales platforms and shipping partners, providing real-time inventory management, accurate order processing, and 24/7 visibility of your stock. With a 99.9% accuracy rate, you can trust our advanced technology to streamline your operations and enhance your e-commerce efficiency.

  4. High-Quality, Expert Services: At Fidelity Fulfilment, we pride ourselves on excellence in e-commerce fulfilment. Our solutions are designed around your business - and with our decades of experience, you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands with our team. When you partner with Fidelity, you partner with the best. Partner with Fidelity, for top-tier services tailored to your needs.


Experience the Fidelity Difference

With Fidelity Fulfilment, expanding your e-commerce business into the European market has never been easier. Our dedicated team, strategic location, advanced technology, and cost-effective solutions are here to support your international growth journey. Say goodbye to the complexities of cross-border trade and hello to seamless e-commerce expansion with Fidelity Fulfilment.