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We are Fidelity

Your global partner. Find out more about Fidelity Fulfilment, where we came from, and where we're going.

About Us

Fidelity Fulfilment: About Us

At Fidelity, our goal is simple; to provide accurate, fully tailored fulfilment solutions that delight your customers and help your business grow. We work with brands who want more from their fulfilment partner - because we understand that your success is our success.  

We’re all about innovation, and making things easier for our clients. Having grown to an international company, we still put our customers first and offer integrated, custom fulfilment solutions.

Why Fidelity

  • 150+ platform integrations
  • 99% accuracy rate
  • 300,000 sq. ft. of global storage
  • 25,000 items shipped per day
  • Global locations: UK, EU & US
  • Expert teams
  • 24 hour access online
  • Full customer support
  • Easy onboarding
  • 25+ years’ experience
  • Environmentally friendly
Global Warehouse Space
Picking Accuracy
Parcels Processed per Day


In 2010, our founders Stephen Williams and Simon Vincent were running two key operations. The first, a software-driven 3PL service, delivered Just-In-Time solutions for overseas manufacturers in the Automotive and OEM industries. At the same time, they successfully managed a high-end audio eCommerce business, specialising in premium products and customer support. 

They soon realised that many of the common fulfilment issues faced by their eCommerce business could be solved by adapting the software and processes developed for their 3PL clients. This innovative combination allowed them to fully customise their fulfilment solutions to meet the needs of the business, without sacrificing accuracy and efficiency.  

Word spread, and so did the demand for this unique type of tailored fulfilment.  

And so, Fidelity Fulfilment was born. 

"Building unique solutions to customer problems is what sets Fidelity Fulfilment apart"

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Data Driven
Through continuous investment in our cloud-based WMS platform, we offer a diverse range of uniquely flexible e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing and just-in-time solutions. We’re proud of our systems, and understand the difference that data-driven solutions can make to your business.
Forward Thinking
The world of fulfilment is always changing. Our consultative and modern approach to process improvement has earned us a reputation for improving benchmark levels of accuracy and cost of supply. Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through, and help future-proof your business.
Brand Focused
With our longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s most respected manufacturing organisations and brands, we know that your business is our business. Fidelity partners with companies we believe in – and with our experience and expertise, we’re the ideal people to help your business grow.

Let's work together

Whatever the size of your business, Fidelity has grown by flexibly supporting our clients' needs (it's the reason we still support them today).

So, if you're ready to take your business to that next level, speak to our team and discover how our experience and expertise can help your business thrive.

Take that first step towards better fulfilment for your business.