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More than
just EDI.

Built on over 30 years operational experience in automotive supply chain, the Unify EDI suite of software products is designed from the ground up to increase capability, control process and ultimately reduce business risk.

Designed especially for the automotive industry, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Intelligent Forecast Reports
  • CHEP Asset Management
  • SuperG, SIM & SPEEDY
  • Support & Training
Why Unify

Control process, reduce risk.

Unify takes the stress and complexity out of your procurement, materials management and supply chain. Overlaying key production data against predicted, historical and live order data, Unify provides a simple, clear and concise view of your upcoming production needs, and outlines the actions required to not only stay ahead of the demand, but to truly streamline your production process.

Our fully integrated EDI software saves you time and money.

Intelligent Interface

Unify EDI has been designed first and foremost to be easy to use.

Behind the scenes the Unify algorithims are doing the hard work based on years of operational experience – from intelligently populating fields based on knowledge of the supply chain with cleverly designed workflows to reduce errors, to providing relevant warnings and alerts prior to ASN transmission.

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The Unify Dashboard places all the essential information immediately to hand.

With a range of alerts and at a glance information covering CUM imbalances, latest message integrity and (depending on subscription) SUperG/SIM & SPEEDY status, plus CHEP account alerts.

Order Processing

Straight forward & process driven order workflows built in.

Configure the way you handle orders, whether the system outputs confirmed orders to your internal system or you want to handle orders within Unify. The orders module caters for documentation and confirmation prior to ASN.

Labels & Shipping Docs

Unify has sophisticated label and document generation process designed to reduce errors.

Create certified labels based on direct EDI data and pre-configured packaging spec’s by part & location, let Unify ensure the right document is produced at the right time.


Everything starts with correctly configured product creation.

Unify allows you to predetermine everything required for seamless data flow at part level, upload EU1121, preset packaging by plant, pricing & CUM values limiting manual data creation for ASN’s.


Any data stored within Unify can be retrieved in report format.

Our intelligent forecast reports allow stock + in transit/WIP data to be uploaded and overlayed against EDI demand, providing an accurate overview of the supply chain highlighting issues before they become major problems.

Logs & User Management

The number of user accounts is not limited with Unify.

Create multiple user accounts with detailed control on user permissions and type. Unify allows you to see every action performed in Unify by user via our log reporting tools.

Full Integration

Unify connects and integrates data from OEMs, Manufacturers and their supply chain to make sure that there is complete end to end transparency for those that are planning your next moves.


Training & Consultancy

Based on our extensive experience in automotive logistics solutions, we can offer a range of training and consultancy services, geared towards new Automotive Suppliers.

Workshops For Larger Groups
Ford/JLR Systems Training
Onsite Training & Consultancy
SUPERG Dispute Training

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