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United Kingdom


Fidelity began in the UK, with out Daventry offices. Our aim? To innovate the Automotive 3PL world. Building on years of experience from our founding directors, Stephen Williams and Simon Vincent, we were founded with a clear vision:

To be the ‘first-choice’ specialist supply chain partner to major automotive OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and to provide class leading 3PL, 4PL & fulfilment solutions.

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In 2019, Fidelity acquired the entirety of shares in Unify Software Solutions Ltd. Now a wholly owned subsidiary, Unify’s unique SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions provide the in-house technical capability to design, develop and implement unique software applications.

Then, in 2022, Fidelity wholly acquired BKS Logistics. The BKS team brought their own skills and client base to the business, driving significant growth in our e-commerce fulfilment department.

By building on our experience and strong relationships with international manufacturers and OEMS, and by recognising the talents of our dedicated team, Fidelity has grown to an international company. Recognised as the premier option for brands of all sizes and industries, we now boast over 160,000 sqr ft of bonded warehousing in the UK, alongside sites in the EU and the USA.

United States

Salt Lake City

In 2022, Fidelity acquired a company in Salt Lake City. As well as having a strong US client base and international opportunities, we wanted to build on the knowledge and support of the company founder, and his team of logistics experts.

With over 50 years of experience, our US team is committed to offering quality customisable solutions to a wide variety of different marketplaces and companies. Sharing in our company values of maintaining the highest expectations of our clients, and with a reputation for integrity and commitment, we recognised them as the ideal team to bring into the Fidelity Family.

Offering quality customisable solutions to a wide variety of different marketplaces and companies, our latest site is ideally placed for US and international customers, positioned to cater to the entire west coast of the US (including key cities such as L.A, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Phoenix). And with their eCommerce experience in supporting up-and-coming brands, you can be confident that Fidelity’s US team will be there to help you grow.



The Netherlands is a uniquely placed location for UK-EU transport in the post Brexit world, boasting both Europe’s largest trade port, and has a long standing reputation for supporting free and open trade. This makes it an ideal cross border location to support businesses moving goods in and out of the UK via Europe, so it was a logical place for Fidelity to have a base of operations.


We hope to complete this acquisition during Q4 2022 – watch this space for more information.

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