Flexible, innovative warehouse solutions, from the 3PL experts.

At the core of any 3PL is the warehouse and logistics operation. Fidelity offers tailored, future ready solutions, with a global network of warehouses to keep your business moving forward. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of software and technology, bringing logistics and warehousing into the future.

From our industry-leading WMS, to our team of highly trained and skilled operatives, we provide the very best standards in 3PL services. Our cloud-based system gives you a real time live view of stock, ASN’s, orders and despatches, allowing you to remotely manage your stock from anywhere in the world. And our dedicated team of experts offer a fully bespoke service on the ground – from repackaging and rebranding, to quality control and OEM decanting.

What We Offer
  • OEM Decanting
  • Kitting
  • Quality Control
  • Repackaging
  • Rebranding
  • Labelling
  • Sanitising
  • Cloud-based WMS
  • Customs Bonded
  • Global 8D reporting

Our UK Facilities

Located in the heart of the UK, our brand new 160,000 sq/ft complex is solar-powered and environmentally graded ‘A’ on the EPC standard.

High-Tech Warehouse Operations, For Cutting-Edge Logistics

At Fidelity, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of software and technology, bringing logistics and warehousing firmly into the future.

Our technology isn’t just for show. It provides quick and easy wins, helping you to streamline your warehousing and distribution operations to maximise efficiency, reduce waste and increase productivity.

Using our industry-leading warehouse management system, you can track every order, getting real-time updates on:

  • stock quantity and location
  • ASNs
  • order status
  • despatches

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Warehouse employee using checklist

Protecting your Brand

An essential part of the supply chain, Quality Control can nonetheless be overlooked, or carried out by untrained personnel. At Fidelity we work with you to identify the key points of a product, ensuring they meet your brand's requirements. This way you can be confident that your items function, fit and perform exactly as they should - before they move on to a production line, retailer or end customer.

Box in cells of automated warehouse

Repackaging & Rebranding

We have experience at rebranding goods at various levels – from repackaging of automotive aftermarket parts and children’s goods, to sanitising white label goods for media and promotional agencies.

Fidelity works not just as a solutions provider, but as a partner – your business is our business, and we’re invested in your success.

Boxed being packed


There are many benefits to having our expert team support you with kitting operations. It can help your brand to streamline your ordering process, reduce lead time at manufacturing level and maintain flexibility of stock, while still having the option of assembling your product bundle or kit to your chosen requirement quickly and conveniently.
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Customs Bonding

Customs bonded warehousing adds a huge benefit to brands, manufacturers and importers who are looking to manage their cashflow by deferring Duty until it’s cleared at a later date. This is particularly beneficial for a number of scenarios:

You are importing a product with a higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that sells slower, or over a longer period, and you would like to delay paying the duty until closer to the time the product sells.
You are importing a product in a single shipment that is due to be split and exported again after arrival. By placing this into bond, you maintain the stock’s flexibility, remaining exempt from duty and VAT.
The product you are importing is subject to a higher level of duty and VAT, and you want to protect your cash flow in the face of less predictable sales.
You are a manufacturer or importing from a manufacturer with limited or costly storage options. Our bonded storage can help you to move your stock to a more suitable solution.

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