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A s many of you will have seen, the UK’s biggest port is set for strike action on August 21st. Felixstowe strikes are likely to last until the 29th, causing incredible disruption to UK businesses at a time when any businesses are already struggling with rising costs.

With over 1900 members from the union Unite walking out over a pay dispute, many are now looking for alternative ports or transport solutions, or simply cancelling shipments altogether.

With almost half of the UK’s shipments coming into the country via Felixstowe, the resulting fallout of this strike could cause irreparable damage to the UK Economy.

Source: Mark.murphy at English Wikipedia

How Fidelity can support you

At Fidelity we are trying to support our clients to prepare and work around these issues as best we can by supporting their search for alternative ports and road haulage solutions.

If you find yourself in need of support, give our team a call on +44 (0)1327 220660 or fill out our contact form so we can look at your options and see if we can help

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