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Customer Stories - Mouse Mansion

From the beloved Children's stories of Sam & Julia, to a Global Brand


The story of Sam & Julia

Brought to life by Karina Schaapman, the stories of Sam & Julia evolved from a beloved children's book series, into a brand with global aspirations. With a range of products including toys and craft products, and an international TV series on the way, meeting the demands of this fast-growing global brand was a challenge for the team.

Karina Schaapman and her four children are at the heart of this family business, creating a world where imagination thrives and diversity is celebrated.

We spoke to Karina, and her son Ian, to find out more about how partnering with Fidelity Fulfilment helped their brand tackle these challenges and scale their operations smoothly - all while keeping their brand's caring spirit intact.

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"I started with a little mouse, but now it’s a whole world!"

Karina Schaapman – Creator and Author

Where it began

Karina Schaapman: Well, I was thinking what kind of world I want to give children. It must be safe, and careful. Everybody is welcome. And when you see that your neighbours are doing something different, you don’t have to be afraid of them, but you learn from it. And then I decide to pick up a cotton box and to make the world that I imagined for Sam and Julia.

I’m so proud that the books are translated into 28 languages, and published in 33 countries all over the world.

Normally, you hate mice. But these mice, you love!

Sam and Julia Mousemansion

Global Fulfilment Challenges

Ian Schaapman: When we started helping our mother, we quickly realised we had something special, because of the reactions of the books. People kept reading the books and that for me was enough proof.

When we started seven years ago - when we were drowning in stock at our small office - we didn’t have the room to really do it. We didn’t have the different sizes of boxes… it was complete chaos.

So bit by bit we started to think about a logistic solution that wasn’t us. Getting quotes from the really big 3PLs was impossible - you need at least 1000 orders per month to even get a quote.

And the smaller options? They couldn’t do B2B fulfilment. We needed to do something about it, quickly.

Why Brands Choose Fidelity

  • 150+ platform integrations
  • 300,000 sq. ft. of global storage
  • 25,000 items shipped per day
  • Global locations: UK, EU & US
  • Expert teams
  • 24-hour access online
  • Full customer support
  • Easy onboarding
  • 25+ years’ experience
  • Environmentally friendly

Fidelity's Flexible Solutions

Ian Schaapman: That’s where we found Fidelity was able to do that; to make sure we have an effective logistic program all partners involved can work with. Flexibility is most important for us - because during fair season we need a lot of B2B orders fulfilled, and during the holidays we need a lot of B2C orders.

"I really like Fidelity’s personal approach, they feel a part of our business, only at a different location. On a first-name basis with everybody – that’s the way I like to work."

Ian Schaapman – The Mouse Mansion

Looking to the future

Ian Schaapman: We have an animated series coming up next year, with 78 episodes. When we go live on TV we need to have everything ready to go - step by step building towards a global business.

Having a partner that handles the logistics is really helpful, it’s one thing you don’t have to sort out for yourself (and there’s a lot of things you have to sort out!), so it’s good to know that we are in a safe pair of hands with Fidelity. Mouse Mansion is scaling up to become this worldwide brand, in all countries – in Europe, we’re working on Australia, and New zealand and the US. You need to be one of the bigger global brands in those territories. To become a global business you need to check a lot of boxes - and logistics is a necessity to scale up worldwide.

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"I would advise everybody to work with a good 3PL if it fits your business case. And if you really like shipping boxes everyday – you can do it for yourself!"

Ian Schaapman – The Mouse Mansion

Fidelity: Handling with care

Karina Schaapman: I created The Mouse Mansion with care, and I’m so happy that the partners that we work with also handle our products with care. They look after our customers, so it feels for me very safe to go into the world with partners like Fidelity.

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