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Omnichannel and Specialist Fulfilment

Tailored fulfilment solutions for complex logistical needs

Simplify your selling, with Fidelity

We work with businesses from a huge variety of industries - so we're the experts in dealing with diverse product types. Whether you're selling high-value goods, or have large-scale orders that need specialised handling and shipping, you need a fulfilment partner you can trust. Our tailored fulfilment solutions are designed for omnichannel sellers, to simplify the process and streamline your operations.

With our expertise in multi-channel and omnichannel fulfilment services, we provide flexible solutions designed around you; ensuring fast, accurate order processing and fulfilment. And with teams in the US, UK, and EU, we can help to grow your business globally.

  • Custom Storage Solutions
  • Omnichannel Integrations
  • Flexible Fulfilment
  • EDI Compliance
  • Logistics Management
  • Specialist Handling
  • Enterprise Accounts
  • White Glove Fulfilment

Fidelity for Enterprise

For larger businesses with high-volume needs, we offer enterprise accounts tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedicated business development team works closely with you to develop custom solutions that meet your unique business objectives. That's why we're the partner of choice for leading B2B and omnichannel sellers in the UK, US and EU.

We understand that flexibility is key for omnichannel sellers. That's why we offer flexible fulfilment options, built around your business. From on-demand scalability to seasonal support, our international fulfilment teams offer support for every stage of your business growth.

Support for B2B and B2C Fulfilment

We provide the same level of flexibility and reliability for both B2B and B2C orders, ensuring that your customers receive their products on time, every time. Whether you're fulfilling orders for retail partners or individual consumers, our international fulfilment teams are here to support you every step of the way.

On-Demand Scalability

As your business grows, so do your fulfilment needs. That's why we offer on-demand scalability, allowing you to scale your operations up or down as needed without any hassle - whether it's a sudden spike in demand, or selling into a new market, our warehouse teams are on hand to support your business growth.



Seasonal Support

Seasonal fluctuations in demand are a natural part of business. Our international fulfilment teams are prepared to provide seasonal support when you need it most, ensuring that you can handle increased order volumes without compromising on quality or efficiency. 

International Reach

With our global team of fulfilment centers, we offer international fulfilment solutions that enable you to reach customers around the world. Whether you're expanding your market footprint or fulfilling orders from overseas customers, we have the infrastructure and expertise to support your international growth.

Specialist Software Solutions

EDI Compliance

Our EDI-compliant systems ensure that you meet industry standards and maintain smooth operations throughout the supply chain.

Logistics Management

Our comprehensive logistics management software manages everything from transportation coordination to inventory tracking.

Software Integration

We seamlessly connect your sales channels and fulfilment operations, allowing you to manage orders from multiple platforms in one centralised system.


Our custom storage solutions are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of your inventory. Whether you have large-scale products, fragile items, or specialised merchandise, we ensure that your goods are stored safely and efficiently.

Specialist Handling

Certain products require specialised handling to ensure their safe and secure transit. Our team is experienced in handling a wide range of products, including fragile items, consumer electronics, and supplements and nutritional products.

White Glove Fulfilment

Our white glove fulfilment services cater to businesses that require an extra level of care and attention. From premium packaging and labeling to specialised delivery options, we go above and beyond to ensure a superior customer experience.


We're committed to simplifying the complexities of B2B fulfilment, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our fulfilment solutions to meet your unique needs.

Globally capable, locally focused

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Fidelity’s international warehouse locations and global distribution services efficiently connect you to your customers. As a multi-national supply chain solution provider, we support sellers and brand owners around the world.

We provide sellers with comprehensive logistics management solutions, backed up by our industry-leading software integrations.

Fidelity connects you to major retailers and marketplaces, allowing you full visibility over order processing, inventory updates, and shipping. Whether you're selling via online webstores, or sending goods to brick and mortar stores, our integrations ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

  Logistics Partner Collaborations

In addition to our retailer partnerships, we collaborate closely with a network of trusted logistics partners to ensure efficient order fulfilment and timely delivery - whether you're shipping domestically or internationally. 

  B2B and Omnichannel Support

Our logistics management solutions are designed to support B2B and omnichannel selling strategies. From bulk shipments to individual parcel deliveries, we have the capabilities to handle orders of any size and complexity. Our flexible logistics management solutions adapt to your business needs, allowing you to scale your operations seamlessly as your business grows.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

For B2B and B2C

Reach your customers everywhere, with Fidelity. Whether you need goods fulfilled to retailers, wholesalers, or direct to your customers, our multi channel fulfilment solutions can help. From customer orders to large retail shipments, we accommodate a large range of shipping requirements. This includes specialist shipping methods such as:

  Pallet Shipments
  Special Delivery Instructions
  Custom Packaging

And for eCommerce sellers using multiple sales channels, we integrate with prominent platforms and webstores across the world; including Amazon,, Wehkamp, and Groupon.


Let's work together

Whatever the size of your business, Fidelity has grown by flexibly supporting our clients' needs (it's the reason we still support them today).

So, if you're ready to take your business to that next level, speak to our team and discover how our experience and expertise can help your business thrive.

Take that first step towards better fulfilment for your business.