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Keep It Simple,
With Integrated EDI Software
From Fidelity.

Fidelity has a history steeped in technology and software – whether we’re working with industry leaders, or developing our own trailblazing Unify EDI software that has empowered OEM’s of all shapes and sizes to achieve accurate and efficient production line fulfilment.

If our background in Automotive (Just-in-time) Fulfilment has taught us anything, it’s that accuracy is the most important part of our process. That’s why we use industry-leading software to provide you with live, cloud-based access to all the information you need about your goods, through e-Commerce integrations.

Fidelity Helps Your Business Grow,
By Integrating With Core Sales And Logistics Platforms

  • At-a-glance updates mean you have one single source of the truth, so it’s easy to get the full picture, and fast
  • Joined-up processes save you precious time and resources, making it quicker to manage and fulfil your orders
  • Live updates let customers know exactly what’s going on with their order, and when they’ll receive it
  • Faster fulfilment translates to better customer satisfaction, helping you to retain customers, gain word-of-mouth recommendations and encourage repeat orders
  • Easily accessible sales data will show you what’s working and what’s not, so you can measure your success over time

Better Integration Means Smarter Fulfilment

By integrating our systems with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and more, we can receive your orders directly, improving response time and providing benefits like live stock updates and key data on sales. We can integrate your system with over 150 different retail platforms, courier services and other applications.

Not Sure What You Need?

Let Fidelity find the best solution for you. With advice on everything from ordering and inventory management to warehousing and shipping, we can recommend the best e-commerce integrations for your business. And with our bespoke software solutions, we can manage it all for you under one roof.



Couriers, Shopping Platforms and more.

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